Email Login for Free Email Accounts, Setup & Security

Webmail Email Login - Get Started

To login via webmail:
Replace your-domain-name with your own including the extension (, .com etc).
Enter your username which is your email address and your case sensitive password.
We recommend periodically changing your password.

Email Setup

Your username is as above
Incoming and outgoing (SMTP) mail servers: your domain name.
MS Outlook: In more settings click Outgoing Server and check the first box
Phones: POP3 is recommended as opposed to IMAP
Outgoing server (SMTP) port should be changed to 25.

We highly recommend you use a Professional Email Client for your email management.

Email Backups

We suggest you take a backup of your emails on a regular basis.

If you suspect an email may be infected delete it and do not back it up.

Email Security

The security of your email account(s) is your own responsibility.

We highly recommend that you change your password on a regular basics and these should always be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one of the following:

  • Uppercase Character
  • Lowercase Character
  • Numeral
  • Special Character

Do not use something that someone else may guess easily such as telephone numbers, dates of birth, vehicle registration numbers etc.

The free email accounts can be setup with a Spam Filter with 3 settings options:

  • Mark spam messages by adding the following text to message subject
  • Delete all spam messages - Spam messages will be deleted from your mailbox.
  • Move spam to the Spam folder - This folder is accessible from your mail client program or webmail.

The Internet is not a secure or private place.

Take measures to protect your email as well as your data and your devices by using professional security software. The best advice we can offer is to seek help from a local trusted professional especially if you are in doubt about doing this properly yourself.

If you suspect your email account has been compromised follow this link check.

White & Black Lists

You can select to have incoming email addresses added to either a white list or a black list.
Addresses can contain "*" and "?" wildcard characters, for example, *, user?@*.com

We have to insert these into a programme for you.

There is no charge to do this for the free email accounts. All you need to do is send us your lists.

White List

Email messages coming from senders in the white list are not checked by the spam filter.

Black List

Email messages coming from senders in the black list are blocked.


Antivirus service helps blocks email messages that contain viruses and notifies both the sender and the recipient about it.

  • Only incoming mail
  • Only outgoing mail
  • Incoming & outgoing mail

Email Addresses On Websites

We highly recommend that you use a secure contact form for people to contact you as opposed to having your email address on your website.
This will stop robots from finding your email address and sending you spam emails.

Signing up for Third Party Email Newsletters

We highly recommend that you use a separate email address for newsletter subscriptions.
You will never know what a third party may do with your email address!

Premium Email Accounts

Premium email accounts are available at extra cost that are billed annually - contact us to discuss your requirements ยป